Changing Role Of Sales & Procurement Functions Along The Supply Chain -

Changing Role Of Sales & Procurement Functions Along The Supply Chain

Enhance Contributions Of The Two Functions For Profitable Growth To Win The Market

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    Kota Administrasi Jakarta Pusat

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    DKI Jakarta

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    16 May 2018 09:00

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Sales & Procurement professions are the two that gets eroded in changing economy over the time. My estimate, above 80% of national economy like Indonesia with abundant source of natural, mineral and energy products, production base for multinational firms and consumption for 300 million people, all are in the Supply Chain. This is good news for Sales & Procurement professions, the two commercial functions in Supply Chain that represent firms for Transactions of goods and services.

Sales & Procurement professions have much moved to internet, media online social media and ecommerce, even personal good and service products such as insurance, credit card, MLM products, high fashion products, car and other personal products. Contribution of Sales & Procurement professions to survive from erosion in changing economy. It requires changing Roles of Sales & Procurement Functions beyond transactions to enhance contributions of the two functions for profitable growth to win the competition In Changing Economy.

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Course Core Competencies

Planning and Initiative

At the end of this course, participants will be able to…

In a world of becoming more and more competitive, every time new and powerful competitors can threat Firms in any industry. Price, quality and reliability become given market factors. A firm has to meet the requirement as “table stake” to competition. However, these factors don’t give a firm a change to win competition.  since every firm has to achieve it to stay in business. How can Sales & Procurement professions contribute to changing in major economy to resist a firm from thread of these competitors, maintain or strengthen its market position? This Workshop will equip Participants with knowledge and understanding on the Changing Role of Sale & Procurement Functions, exchange of ideas, experiences and expectation of firms across Supply Chain and seek opportunity to implement it together.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Sr. Manager, Manager, Assistant Manager Senior Offiicer, Supervisor of Related Functions at industry Represented as follows:

-Sales. Procurement, Key Account

-Logistics, Operations, Distribution,

-Merchandising, Store, Product Dev.

-Production, Maintenance

-Accounting, Finance

-Human Capital, Talent Development

We welcome Industrial Professionals who desire to contribute more to firms and to have personal satisfaction with the contributions to join the Workshop.

What participants will need to know or do before joining this course?

Course Methods

Presentation, discussion and Group Assignment.

Course Content

    Day 1
  • Lecture 1

    The Foundation : What Supply Chain, What Market, Roles Sales & Procurement, Pull Supply Chain, Supply Chain Mode.
  • Lecture 2

    Reorientation Of The Functions : Transactional Focus, Problem-Solution Focus, Initiative Focus,Market Intelligence.
  • Lecture 3

    Business Relationship: Personal Relationship, Business Relationship, Vertical Vs Horizontal Relationship, Progression of Relationship.
    • Day 2
  • Lecture 1

    Industrial Competency: Industrial Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Product Engineering, Selling, Procuring, Industry-Specific a firm in.
  • Lecture 2

    Capital productivity: Value Creation, Cost of Selling, Capital productivity, Competitiveness.
  • Lecture 3

    Key Enablers of New Roles: Culture & Leadership Trust, Commitment Mutual Adjustment, Clarity of Rewards ,Share of The Result, Talent Development.
  • Lecture 4

    Industry Represented: Mining, Plantation/Agriculture, Manufacturing, Logistics Services, Distributorship, Hospitality, Utility, Construction.

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