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The Indonesia’s No. 1 Professional Trainers & Coaches Marketplace for Corporates and Individuals

What is excellence.asia ?

Excellence.asia is the smarter way to find training for every business in Indonesia. We have trainers and coaches Partner for both companies and individuals. Our partners are spread all over Indonesia, even in other part of the world in providing the best quality training for you.

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    Our Vision: is to become the best training marketplace in Indonesia.

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    Our Mission: is to make it easier for our customers to find the right and competent Partner according to their training needs.

What is Our Story ?

Human Resources is a key to determine company's success. In order to gain a strong and highly competent human resources one required a consistent and targeted training. With so the vision and mission of the company will be more easily achieved through these human resources.

Maybe you already know many professional trainers and coaches that can offer a human resource training. Some of them can cost up to tens of millions of rupiah per hour. However did you know some of this training did not have a maximum impact on the human resources? Or should we say the company only chooses training based on what they know.

Therefore, we will provide you with the best marketplace trainer and coaches in Indonesia that can offer practical solutions for your or your company problems. We, makes it easy for your company to find the right and competent Professional Trainers and Coaches Partner. With more than 10 years experience in marketing training, we can a sure you that you are making the right choice to join Excellence Asia.


What can We Provide ?



You can entrust us for all your company training needs. Our technology can help you to find the right and competent Professional Trainers and Coaches Partner. Find any training, for your in-house training, public training, seminars, or private in excellence.asia.



Not only training, but you can also get an official certification upon completed a training session from our Professional Trainers and Coaches Partner. The certification will certainly boost your competence.


Competency Development

Your competence development is a continuous process. Therefore we provide various features to help you to always be in control of your competency development.


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Should you have more questions, please feel free to contact our customer service. It’s our pleasure to be able to serve your needs.