What is the differences of buying the event from being guest and sign up an account?
If you buy an event using guest you will missed any updates from our upcoming event and you may not getting points from Dompet Komitmen which you can use it to buy another event.

What kind of training which Excellence.asia provide?
We provide many subjects as long as it is still in a business area

How I use the "Dompet Komiten?
You can choose "Dompet Komitmen" in your check out page.

Where should I reach out when I have questions?
You can reach out to our email ask@excellence.asia, call us at +6221 2555 8539 or simply you ask our beloved Samantha who is ready in bottom corner of this website through chat.

What is the benefit if I buy the event in excellence.asia?
You will not only get the knowledge but also you can get the points everytime you buy, attend and review our event which you can use it to buy another upcoming event.

How do I find a public training?
You may search our public training courses using our search engine on https://excellence.asia and find the latest public courses that our trainers provide.

Our company need training, would you send us the proposal?
We will be happy to sent you the proposal, however before the proposal we will require more information such as the time of training, how many participants that will attend the training, the objective of the training requires.

Can I negotiate on the training price?
The price information in the website is given by the trainer so if the customer buy directly from the website, they will get the same price as written in the website but if the customer request for the proposal, the price is different as written in the website

Upon purchasing the training will there be a refund if I wont be able to attend the training?
We are sorry for the inconvinieces, but all purchases are final and non refundable.

What is the most searches course?
The most searches course are a course that will have a lot of viewers such as 4dx, selling skill, and many more

How to access training video at excellence.asia?
Please visit our youtube channels at https://www.youtube.com/excellenceasia

What are the requirements to be an excellence.asia partner?
You can read "HOW TO BECOME A PARTNER" at https://www.excellence.asia/become_partner

I cannot find the training module that I wanted.
Please contact our customer support and they will gladly search for the training that suitable to your needs. You can contact us here.

Can I promote my training at excellence.asia?
Yes, you can. excellence.asia will helps you promote your public training through our website, social media, and marketing email. For further information, you can contact us at ask_at_excellence.asia or call +62-21-25558539

Can I pay using a credit card?
yes, you can pay using your credit card. We accept both Visa and Mastercard via our payment gateway

I am a trainer, may I join excellence.asia and have all my courses listed on your website?
We are welcome every trainer to become our partner and you can easily register at "BECOME A PARTNER" page.

I run a FREE EVENT, may I have my event listed on excellence.asia Platform?
Yes you can! You will be able to have your event listed and use all our online services free of charges. However should you require more services such as finding venues, organizer teams, live stream on site, etc. Please feel free to contact us at ask_at_excellence.asia or call +62-21-25558539.

I have paid for my event, why haven't I received my eticket?
If you already made a payment and you have not receive your ticket, please confirm your payment with the proof of payment and our support team will investigate the problem and we will have your eticket sent to your email in no time.

Can excellence.asia serve multiple payment methods for paid events?
Yes,we do offer multiple payment method such as Visa/Master Card and multiple bank transfer.