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Write Reports That Work

This Informative Workshop Develops The Writing Skills You Need To Make You Readers' Lives Easier

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IDR 26.000.000

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    Kota Administrasi Jakarta Selatan

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Course Description

Course Summary

This effective workshop gives you a thorough understanding of the fundamental skills needed for planning, structuring, writing and checking your reports. You will work in groups, on discussions, exercises and interactive games. Throughout the course you will work on a case study, putting the skills you acquire into practice immediately.

This workshop can be provided in any city in Indonesia. Please contact us for more details

Maximum Participant

15 Participants

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Course Core Competencies

Planning and Initiative, Communicating, Listening Understanding and Responding, Impact and influence

At the end of this course, participants will be able to…

- Write reports which are clear, logical and convincing

- Project a more professional image through your report writing

- Organise material into well-structured reports

- Produce accurate sections of a report

- Write in easy-to-read language

Who should take this course? Who should not?

Clerical staff
Administrative assistants
Other individuals who wish to improve their business & email writing skills

What participants will need to know or do before joining this course?


Course Methods

Lectures & discussions • Individuals and group exercise • Case studies

Course Content

    Day 1
  • Lecture 1

    The basic principles of writing
  • Lecture 2

    Proper organization and planning
  • Lecture 3

    Internal corresponding
  • Lecture 4

    Good writing Etiquette
  • Lecture 5


Profile Trainer

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Industry Expertise :  Food Products, Beverages & Tobacco, Construction, Hotels & Restaurants, Transport, Storage & Communication, Financial Intermediation; Real Estate & Renting

Trainer Skills :  Communication, International Sales, Journalism, Writing

Trainer Education

  • 1.
  • Degree
  • Institution
  • Major
  • Year
  • : S2
  • : Journalism
  • : England
  • : 2000

Trainer Work Experience

  • 1.
  • Position
  • Office
  • Field
  • From
  • : Senior Coach
  • : KPI Consultancy
  • : Education
  • : 2015

Professional Qualification/Certification

  • 1.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Senior Coach
  • : KPI
  • : Communication

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