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Digital Leadership InHouse Training

An Extensively Researched And Tested Series Of Learning Experiences That Are Stitched Into A Voyage Of Self-discovery

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    Kota Administrasi Jakarta Utara

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Course Description

Course Summary

Digital Leadership consists of an extensively researched and tested series of learning experiences that are stitched into a voyage of self-discovery.

The learning experiences create opportunities for learners:

To discover the pattern of behaviours that they use to get things done and interact with people

To systematically internalize feedback

To become astute observers of human behaviour and the dynamics of small group activity

To share experiences and discuss their management and leadership challenges with their peers

Maximum Participant

20 Participants

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Course Core Competencies

Team Leadership

At the end of this course, participants will be able to…


Apply the 10 PCDCA Key Management Processes to manage by head in Digital Era

Analyze any work situation and adapt style to improve business results in Digital Era

Apply the control-breakthrough-control approach to improving team performances in Digital Era



Apply the 5 PCDCA Leadership Objectives to lead by heart in Digital Era

Switch between one-on-one and group modes of interaction to raise level of cohesion, clarity, coherence, competence and coordination, and build a winning team in Digital Era

Learn to balance the use of position power and personal power to enforce order and stoke the morale of co-workers in Digital Era



When Digital Leadership form a majority, their habits become a behavioural force that influences the rest of the organization.

Well-meaning managers, eager to promote performance cultures, unintentionally nurture individualistic and single fighter attitudes at work.

Well-meaning leaders cannot optimize the potential of their teams when the management system in place in clunky.

Digital Leadership prefer team performance cultures that enforce good management and business processes, and build a network of winning teams that enhance the capability to collaborate, even with customers and vendors.

Collectively they create a work climate that promotes communication, cooperation and coordination within and across all teams, and give direction and content to the corporate culture.

Heightening the quality of management and leadership across the board minimizes organizational inertia.



Digital Leadership Training is designed for quick learners who want to learn how to improve the ability to interact with, to inspire, to direct, to develop and to motivate the people with whom they work and build winning teams.

It can be used to appraise the usefulness of the learning system in the effort to forge a high performance team culture.


Who should take this course? Who should not?

Managers and C-Levels

What participants will need to know or do before joining this course?


Course Methods

Lecture, Role Play, dan Case Study

Course Content

    Day 1
  • Lecture 1

    Digital Leadership

Profile Trainer

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Industry Expertise :  Manufacturing (Not elsewhere classified)

Trainer Skills :  Management

Trainer Education

  • 1.
  • Degree
  • Institution
  • Major
  • Year
  • : S3
  • : Asian Institute Of Management
  • : Management Development Program, Business Adminstration
  • : 2006

Trainer Work Experience

  • 1.
  • Position
  • Office
  • Field
  • From
  • : General Manager Learning and Development
  • : PT Intraco Penta, Tbk
  • : Manufacturing (Not elsewhere classified)
  • : 2011

Professional Qualification/Certification

  • 1.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Targeted Selection
  • : Certified Trainer
  • : Human Resources
  • 2.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Coaching Skill
  • : Cetified Trainer
  • : Human Resources
  • 3.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Interaction Management
  • : Certified Trainer
  • : Leadership
  • 4.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Personal Empowerment
  • : Certified Trainer
  • : Self Development
  • 5.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Train for the trainer
  • : Certified Trainer
  • : Self Development
  • 6.
  • Certificate
  • Institution
  • Field
  • : Supervisory Development Program
  • : Certified Trainer
  • : Leadership

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5 Comment
  • riyatnoS.Sos ,2020-07-17 04:16:45
    sangat bagus materinya.

  • Akhmad Khearul anam ,2020-09-03 11:30:19
    Materi & penjelasannya sangat bagus.

  • AsepSuparman ,2020-09-05 08:22:04
    Sangat memuaskan dan membantu untuk lebih teliti dan semngat lagi..

  • Rini Mulyani ,2020-09-14 07:25:07
    Sangat membantu menambah wawasan dalam dunia berbisnis. .

  • esti rahayu ,2021-04-09 10:49:06